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Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

(Italeri - Nr. 1343)

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:1343 - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N
Type:Full kits
Year of release:March 2013
Price:ca. 11 EUR
  • 126 grey plastic parts
  • 13 clear parts
  • decal sheet
  • coloured instructions


Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

Italeri just released their Twin Huey again. The kit has been around for some 16 years now in different Italeri and Revell boxings. This time Italeri chose two Italian Air Force samples from the 15 and 51 Stormo and the station SAR flight from MCAS Yuma as decal options. The first Italian a/c has a higly attractive special colour scheme and the second the older SAR-Scheme with dayglo markings.Themarkings for the USMC aircraft are exactly the same as in their recent 1:48 scale issue.

Although said to be a "Super Decal Sheet" on the box, the printing could be somewhat finer and more precise. The roundels are in register, but the upper yellow stripe on the SAR-title seems too narrow.

The kit is well-known and no many words have to be said here. The sprues remain unchanged. The overall level of detail is okay for a 1:72 scale kit, but leaves certainly some room for improvements. One thing to mention here is the more or less prominent nose proprtion error.

An easy (although not 100%-) fix was presented here:

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

But there are some little mistakes in the instructions:

  • engine cowlings 34A and 35A are not for version A-B but for version C, therefore 36A and 37A are for version A and B and not for C.
  • part 53B does not apply to USMC-version
  • whole step 10 (Agusta - Style rescue hoist) does not apply for USMC version.
  • upper side of main rotor blades on Italian AB-212 is a very pale grey (alsmost white) and not black as mentioned in the instructions. Same applies for the rotor mast.

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

Italeri - Bell AB-212/ UH-1N

Decals for:
  • 15 Stormo Aeronautica Militare, Crevia AB, 2010 (special markings)
  • 51 Stormo Aeronautica Militare, Istrana AB, 1986
  • USMC Aviation, MCAS Yuma, 2009
Strong points:
  • recessed panel lines
  • full pilot controls (cyclic, collective, pedals)
  • different antennae considered
  • attractive choice ofclour schemes
  • instructions printed in colour
  • low retail price
Weak points:
  • nose shape issue
  • no complete rear interior (missing US-type hoist, no stretcher, no fuel bladder tanks)
  • missing loudspeaker for the Italian verisions
  • minor decal printing issues


Neat reissue with a more comprehensive decal sheet with more attractive options. Also nice to see that not every new release from Italeri is coupled with a big increase in price.

Reviewed by Felix Troschier - 21. March 2013

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