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Submissions are very welcome, if you have any news on scale model kits, an inbox review of a kit or pictures of your completed scale model send them to We however only accept articles related to plastic scale modeling and limited to helicopters. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

Below you can find some basic guidelines in multiple languages for gallery submissions

Basic guidelines

Do you want to show your helicopter model in our gallery? Gallery contributions are very welcome.

If you have pictures of your completed model just send them via eMail to

Provide us with at least the exact helicopter name, scale, the kit(s) you used, colours used... If you have troubles writing in English, no worries - provide us with some basic keywords and we will make a small text from it. Make sure that your pictures are sharp and have a nice background.

Detailled guidelines

Here are more detailled guidelines on how to send gallery submissions for

You can send both large articles as well as smaller articles with some pictures with a few lines of text.

What info do you need to provide:

  • Your Name (and nickname)
  • Model name (exact and complete type name)
    • Good: Bell UH-1H Huey, Mil Mi-28N Havoc
    • Bad: UH-1 Huey, Mi-28
  • Scale
  • Kit used (and aftermarket sets used)
  • Paint used


You spent a lot of time building your model, you also want to take photos that make your model look it's very best. So think about a nice background, good lighting, sharp pictures... On ARC there are some very good simple tips on taking better pictures

  • At least 640px wide (Make sure you don't loose too many quality while resizing)
  • Pictures of 640px wide should be at least 400px high (so don't crop your images)
  • An article needs at least 3 pictures taken from different angles.
  • Do not add texts on the images like (date, copyright, ...)


You can write your text directly into the email or you can attach in multiple formats as: Word, Notepad, OpenOffice.

Note: The text can be written in Word, but please send the images seperately as an eMail attachment.


  • Send only one model per eMail and if possible all info for one model in one (big) mail. I have a very large mailbox and can receive larger mails.
  • Use a good and clear subject:
    • Good: "Bell UH-1H Huey, Revell"
    • Bad: "Hi", "my first model", "empty"

Forum <> Gallery

Can't you post your models in the forum? The forum is the ideal place to add pictures while you are building a model. In the forum you can add new pictures and text by yourself. The gallery is for completed models only. To add a model to the gallery you must send me the pictures and text via eMail (or send me a link to a website where I can get the info). Your model will be published on the homepage with a nice intro text and thumbnail. Your pictures and text will be optimised to present your model as best as possible. In case completed models are published in the Forums they will be moved to the Gallery.

You are here: Home > Submissions

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