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What is new on scale-rotors? Here are the latest annoucements, reviews and gallery entries

Sunday, 14. December 2014
Galerie: Sikorsky H-34This weekend's update shows this excellent Sikorsky H-34 by Rudi Meir in scale 1:48.
Tuesday, 25. November 2014
Galerie: SA 365 C1 DauphinEarly Dauphins are a rarely seen modeling subjects. Alan put a lot of scratch work into Heller's SA 365 C1 Dauphin to make a decent model out of it.
Sunday, 16. November 2014
Galerie: OH-58AEl Rey from Mexico sent us 4 images of his OH-58A. He enhanced the quarterscale Esci kit with some scratch built details
Friday, 26. September 2014
Kit-Ecke: EC145 DRF LuftrettungBright and colourful is Revell's EC145 DRF Luftrettung in 1:32 scale. For the first time Revell releases a variant of the DRF Luftrettung, one of the two biggest German air rescue organisations.
Wednesday, 20. August 2014
Kit-Ecke: PZL Kania PoliciaFriends of exotic models will certainly be pleased with the PZL Kania Policia conversin set by Top Gun. The Polish aftermarket producer offers a complete package for the Polish Police helicopter. 
Monday, 11. August 2014
Kit-Ecke: Night Stalker Part 2- GOTHIC SERPENT New goodies from Werner's Wings makes us rotor fans happy! Just released: Night Stalker Part 2- GOTHIC SERPENT
Galerie: Eurocopter EC 145Modelling with restrictions, Mohammad Adl presents us his finished Eurocopter EC 145 in the Medstar livery. Model is from Revell in scale 1:32. 
Friday, 08. August 2014
Galerie: Mil Mi-24V Hind-EChristopher Bowling makes his introduction in the gallery. Here is his Mil Mi-24V Hind-E in scale 1:35 
Monday, 21. July 2014
Kit-Ecke: AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"Second in the row of Special Hobby/MPM's Snake range is the AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras". Rather unusual operatoror decals are included here
Friday, 11. July 2014
Kit-Ecke: AH-1G Cobra "Over The USA & Europe""A good model is worth the wait" announced MPM productions for their new AH-1G Cobra range in 1:72 scale. I think they end up being right. 
Tuesday, 01. July 2014
Kit-Ecke: S-58ET British AirwaysFans of bright civil colours will be pleased with the S-58ET British Airways conversion set. Whirlybird Models supplies the parts you need to convert the Italeri Choctaw.
Wednesday, 04. June 2014
Kit-Ecke: AH-64D Longbow ApacheRevell released a reissue of their AH-64D Longbow Apache. This time, it has the attractive scheme of the Dutch 100years military aviation anniversary.
Friday, 02. May 2014
Galerie: SA-341B GazelleAaron aka Milktrip joins us today with his SA-341B Gazelle. He invested a lot of work in scratchbuilding to enhance the ancient Airfix kit.
Wednesday, 26. March 2014
Galerie: Mil Mi-8TToday, Maik Heitsch is there with his Zvezda Mil Mi-8T. He presents the model in an unusal German flyout colour scheme.
Tuesday, 18. March 2014
Kit-Ecke: Bo-105PAmodel shows with their brand new Bo-105P in 1:72 scale that they are no longer a manufacturer of creepy and practically unbuildable kits anymore.
Tuesday, 04. February 2014
Galerie: SA-316 Alouette IIIMaik Heitsch from Germany sent us images of his Heller SA-316 Alouette III. The floatation gear was typical for Danish aircraft. 
Thursday, 19. December 2013
Galerie: Agusta-Bell AB 204BPietro Musiello adds a nice Agusta-Bell AB 204B to the gallery. He used the Italeri kit in scale 1:72.
Tuesday, 17. December 2013
Galerie: Bristol Type 171 Sycamore The first Bristol Type 171 Sycamore in our gallery shows us today David Funke. Due to a lack of (serious) alternatives he had to go back for it on the rather expensive kit from CMR in 1:72 scale.
Friday, 06. December 2013
Kit-Ecke: EC135 ADACRevell's last helicopter release for this year is the EC135 ADAC. The commonly used air rescue helicopter was completely re-tooled. 260 parts promising modeling fun.
Monday, 18. November 2013
Galerie: Bell 212 Even though the Bell 212 does not fly in German federal police or (original BGS respectively) service any more, according to David Funke’s photos of his Revell 1:72 model it is still in active use.
Monday, 04. November 2013
Kit-Ecke: CH-53 GA Heavy Transport HelicopterRevell's new CH-53 GA Heavy Transport Helicopter is todays update. They re-released their well known quarter scale Stallion and updated it to get the newest version in service with the German Air Force.
Saturday, 12. October 2013
Kit-Ecke: BK117 "Space Design"Another reissued Revell evergreen is the BK117 "Space Design". Luigi Colanis famous Space Ship colourscheme is again the chosen version. 
Galerie: Hkp 10Nils Treichel ends the long abscense of any updates in our Gallery. His Hkp 10 is built from the Italeri kit and he also provides some advice for the enhancement of the kit.
Thursday, 01. August 2013
Kit-Ecke: EC135 "Flying Bulls"Another model set in the new Red Bull series is the EC135 "Flying Bulls". Like the Cobra, this elegant VIP chopper comes with basic supplies as well.
Thursday, 18. July 2013
Kit-Ecke: Sikorsky CH-53GAnother rebox from Revell's 2013 new releases is the Sikorsky CH-53G. Surely the small scale section will appreciate this rerelease.
Saturday, 06. July 2013
Kit-Ecke: H-34 G III "Navy"HaHen, well known for federal German subjects, just released a H-34 G III "Navy" decal set matching the new Gallery Models kit.
Tuesday, 25. June 2013
Kit-Ecke: Mi-24V Hind ERevell reboxed Zvezda's Mi-24V Hind E earlier this year. We examined the box contents.
Friday, 21. June 2013
Galerie: Sikorsky UH-34ACarlos Escobar sent us pictures of his Sikorsky UH-34A. He gave this classic helo a highly weathered look.
Tuesday, 18. June 2013
Kit-Ecke: Bell AH-1F Cobra "The Flying Bulls"An "old fella" is reboxed by the Bell AH-1F Cobra "The Flyiong Bulls. The Monogram AH-1F gets a new civilian touch within RoG's special "Flying Bulls" Series.
Monday, 17. June 2013
Galerie: Bell UH-1 Huey Hog Mohammad Adl turned the Revell Bell UH-1 Huey Hog in scale 1:48 into a chopper from the IRIAF.
Tuesday, 30. April 2013
Galerie: Sikorsky H-34 G-IIIDavid Funke is up today with a presentation of his Sikorsky H-34 G-III from Revell in 72nd scale. If you wish to know more about H-34 in German Navy service, have a look.
Wednesday, 17. April 2013
Kit-Ecke: Westland Lynx HAS.3Earlier this year, Revell released another variant of their Lynx kit for the satisfaction of the British market. Here is the Westland Lynx HAS.3.


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